Welcome to Dockyard Divers, Antigua.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to go diving.

To move in that extra dimension and enjoy the colour and adventure of this other world is something everyone should experience. And of course diving in the warmth of the Caribbean waters is an added bonus.

If you haven’t yet got hooked, one great way to see if its for you is to try a beginners or resort course. First a basic, easy to understand lesson, followed by equipment check out in shallow water, and your first dive! After this experience most decide to take a certification course.


The south coast of Antigua is unique with its diverse and spectacular scenery, together with almost every species of fish indigenous to the Caribbean. Fallen rocks form an amazing collection of caves, fissures and channels with prolific reef life among coral and sponge formations.

Cades Reef on the southwest corner of the island offers numerous dive sites and Ariadne Shoals, about 12 miles off the southwest of Antigua is an exciting site visited by dive operators on the west coast. Close to English harbour ‘The Pinnacles of Hercules’ offers perhaps the greatest diversity of underwater life in these waters, and often has visability in access of 100 feet.

Turning to the East out of English harbour we come to Carpenter’s Rock, the most colourful site with an abundance of coral and sponge growth, swim throughs, and in the top 20 feet an ‘aquarium’ with large schools of Sergeant Majors and Chubb.

Amongst other possibilities the great sites of Sunken Rock and Cape Shirley await the experienced diver.

Sunken Rock, with depths to 120ft, is a rock pinnacle which offers a trail through a deep cleft leading to the rock itself. From the drop off a mostly vertical dive with coral overhangs of magnificent gorgonians in many flamboyant colours. Here we find larger fish, barracuda, sting rays and occasionally turtle and dolphins.

Dive excitement may reach its climax along Cape Shirley with depths to 110ft. Giant boulders have found a resting place to become a foundation for every form of hard and soft corals, leaving a trail of valleys and fissures, drop offs and overhangs. You will find the unexpected around every corner, from rays, turtles and tiger groupers to the occasional shark.

Barracuda Reef off English Harbour is another exciting dive with a wall from 50 to 120 ft, containing caves where Nurse sharks and giant lobster are often found, together with schools of Barracuda and Black Durgeon.


Come and enjoy these wonders with Dockyard Divers, who are keen to share their knowledge and experience with you.

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