The South Coast is where the Antigua and Barbuda Bank drops off abruptly and thus offers some excellent deep sites as well as beautiful shallower dives.


SNAPPER HOLE is a wall starting at 45 feet and dropping away to a white sand bottom at 80feet. Here we find schools of grunts and Southern Stingrays in ideal photographic conditions along with Morays and Lobster on a ledge at 60 feet.

BARRACUDA REEF is a deeper wall dive starting at 60 feet and descending to 120 feet. This is a beautiful dive with many coves and ledges providing a home for a large variety of reef fish and of course, Barracuda.

STINGRAY ALLEY is a valley in the seabed starting at 45 feet and descending to 75 feet, with a sandy floor and coral sides. The bottom conceals many Southern Stingrays, often allowing close approach.

PILLARS OF HERCULES is so called due to the unique rock formations above the site. Just a 3 minute boat ride from the shop, this site offers one of the greatest examples of diversity of reef life in the Caribbean. With depths ranging from 20 to 45 feet this makes a lovely second or ‘refresher’ dive. Truly a gem.

NANTON POINT is characterized by boulders scattered at the foot of a cliff. These boulders form the foundation for a remarkable variety of encrusting corals and sponges with the associated reef fish. Depths are from 30 to 45 feet making this an excellent shallow dive.

CARPENTERS ROCK is a series of underwater ridges and valleys with depths from 45 to 80 feet. A wide variety of soft corals are found here along with some of the larger reef fish and frequent sightings of Queen Angel fish.

SUNKEN ROCK is a rock pinnacle just awash which offers a trail through a split in the rock itself down to 120 feet. The vertical walls of the rock are encrusted with magnificent gorgonians and brilliant sponges.

CAPE SHIRLEY is where Antigua diving reaches its climax. Huge boulders at the foot of the Cape form a trail of valleys, drop offs and caves for the experienced diver to explore, with depths ranging from 60 to 110 feet.



This is only a selection of our dive sites, all within a very short boat ride from our store, even Cape Shirley is no more than 20minutes away!


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